What really makes you angry about the world?

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Today is day 2 of the Start-A-Blog Challenge with Live Your Legend. http://liveyourlegend.net/start-a-blog-challenge-2015/

Today’s homework involves writing a few paragraphs around this question, “What really makes you angry about the world?”

Not an easy task for me as I tend to spend most of my life trying to find ways to minimise my anger and uncomfortable feelings through Yoga, meditation, exercise, socialising harmoniously and dabbling in philosophy. Most recently I am playing around with accepting my uncomfortable feelings. I have also been procrastinating writing this all day and just came out of a meditation which recharged my motivation battery, but also chilled me out, so its even harder to access anger right now, But here goes.

I think the main thing I tend to get most angry about in life is around the way humans treat and exploit one another. We have different sets of rules on how we treat different people. Sometimes these ideas and beliefs are handed to us as we grow through our environment, by the people close to us which lend a hand to our raising, through national culture. We live, we learn, we accumulate ideas and beliefs and throw them onto a pile which we call us. And then we argue and defend points of view firmly held onto by the mind, rarely turning inwards to cross check these beliefs with the heart.

Living in Australia right now my tax dollars are being spent imprisoning children (along with other fully grown humans) without charge in abhorrent conditions. 1.2 billion dollars.

2014 finacial year (source Sydney Morning Herald, Feb 5, 2015)

Nauru: 474.1 million

Manus: 437.6 million

Christmas Island: 318 million

8.3 mill to transfer people back to sri lanka


check out these picture the children detained in Christmas Island drew. Great huh… Your tax dollars at work.


Why is this happening. We chose it.

There are actually political parties that vow to end this stuff, its just not the one who is “ruling” us currently. If you are an Australian citizen you get to vote. You get a say. Voting once every 3 years is a small token of a say but it can make significant changes over time (this current senate is an example, I am thankful EVERY DAY for our current beloved  “unrepresentative swill” – Paul Keating). Voting is a chance to express your values.

It seems to be harder every election to match your values to that of a political parties as it seems like they actively work to suppress and mask their values system, cast webs of spin media, or outright lie about what they are going to do in the process of playing a political game with our community. Integrity is probably this nations scarcest resource in halls of parliament.

But this is a situation in which all of the parties have expressed their position on the matter, their values. So how you vote is logically a reflection of what values you place over others. What values you place over children in detention (or just you know, just plain old human beings in detention but that has less punch doesn’t it?)

I would expect most peoples immediate reaction would be fears about security and terrorism. This would trump values of compassion for refugees. The media has therefore done its job well as you are more likely to be killed by your own house furniture or in a tractor accident then in a terrorist attack, but even in reading that last sentence I’m sure you felt more internal fear when you read the words “terrorist attack”. Try reading the words again and tune into how you feel whist reading them… If so you have therefore been conditioned to a fear response out of touch with reality.. I actually feel the same response. Its in me as well, but I can still choose inline with my core values as I hold that fear (knowing its clearly irrational) if I want to.




So if you are comfortable with our current path forward as a nation then I guess you have discovered where your values system lays. Fantastic, its so good that you know yourself so well, please enjoy sleeping soundly knowing that you have exercised your right to choose and this is where it has lead. Soon we will get another chance to vote and then you can chose again what values to priorities. The current situation is – imprisoning children over whatever other reason you use to justify voting for whom ever you did. And if you didn’t vote, well in failing to make a choice in the next election you fail to direct your potential support away from the oppressor.

and, insert zippy quote

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – to complicated to find a source, see the link below


Well, fuck you blog challenge, Now I am actually angry. I was having a lovely afternoon before this. Next time you ask me to write about what makes me angry I going to write about what inspires me instead.






  • Lark Reply

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
    True & confronting :/

    Just remembered your text bout you doing this blog thingo. I’m onto it now. I used to write when I was younger as a way of figuring out thoughts & feelings & it definitely works. Keep at it brother.

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      Thanks bud! Yeah it does seem like a powerful way to self reflect. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Averil Reply

    I had a business coach once more or less encourage me to explore what i valued most in life through filling out forms – i grew from that and whenever I’m stuck i just write a dialogue to myself and ask and answer questions.. then you re-read and ponder and build on what you wrote. Writing is magic. I can see that this blog follows the same basic principle. I feel writing is almost a “bridge” to talking to our subconscious.

    good stuff!

  • Ruth Reply

    oh yes, I’m commenting again.. and i have to be honest, that LYL question sucks! and I skimmed over the bad things you were writing about that are happening in the world, call me naive or an emu with its head in the sand, but i don’t watch the news or read the paper because I think the saying “you create the world you live in” is true and I’m creating mine full of people doing random acts of kindness, smiling at strangers, babies and puppies.. so if a question ever wants me to go to the dark side well I’m just going to find a bucket of sand to stick my head in

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