Day 7: What revolution will you lead?

This is the final part of the 7 day Start-A-Blog series, but it feels like the start of the next step. This whole process for me was a way to explore what I could do for a job, which has helped me focus into what difference would I like to make in the world. Truth is, I have a few ideas, but nothing really certain or concrete, and it does not seem like anything I have been majorly thinking about will be that life changing. I guess a lot of people feel the same way but its no reason not to give it a go. Begin where you are.

The best I can think up right now is to help people to become freer through all of the tools and techniques that I have discovered. Perhaps through the sharing I will come to understand them more deeply, see a bit further than before and I am hoping that the net step will emerge after taking the first. Like walking through a thick fog.

Actually the first step has been handed to me. Several of my yoga students have asked me to record the guided relaxation that I deliver at the end of my classes and provide them as audio files.

  • It fits inline with my values and my way of making a difference.
  • It’s something that I could easily do.
  • I have a friend keeping me accountable.
  • My deadline is by Christmas 2015.

My resistances include.

  • Having to listen to my own voice and thinking it sounds lame
  • Knowing that I am a perfectionist and that it will be really hard for me to accept anything as finished or final.
  • Fear of being criticized

Plan of attack is as follows

  • What we resist, persists. Fear, anxiety and worry, welcome in! come and sit down and have some tea. I can move quite happily along my path with you by my side by consistently taking action, as you can’t really do anything real to hurt me.
  • Perfectionism is just the fear of being criticized wrapped up in label and a behavior pattern, and it can refer to the preceding point.
  • People want these audio files, particularly because they LIKE the sound of my voice. (Resistance, see point 1)
  • Just do it


What revolution will I lead? The one that leads to a nice lie down and a calmer state of being.

– Rusty



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No, group thing is good but no.



Planking Died! hurrah



I bit more like I was thinking, You don’t need to be in all white but it helps*


*(all white makes no difference when you have your eyes closed does it…..)

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