Why the Name “Open To Freedom”

So why the name, “Open To Freedom”. I decided I wasn’t going to spend more than 10 minutes thinking of a name. I also didn’t want to use my actual name so what else could I call it?

I guess the reason for me undertaking the Live Your Legend course and this blog is to help break down some of the barriers I have within me, those I have seen and those that still remain veiled which are holding me back in life from doing work I really love and living the fullest life I possibly can. I guess the process I want to go through is something like finding my freedom, mentally, financially, physically, and spiritually.

FindingFreedom.com was already taken, OpenToFreedom was available. I guess it represents my intention, my direction, a core value I wish to continually move towards; To continually open myself to actualizing and feeling more and more freedom in life.

So why the name, “Open To Freedom”? because I am open to freedom, bring it on.

I’m not exactly sure how to do this at the moment but hopefully we can make some progress over time πŸ™‚



  • Walrus McGillacutty Reply

    I received the 3 part ‘Open to Freedom’ home decor course with my new sofa. I’m still struggling to understand what this has to do with furniture though. Is this a subtle parable on the virtues of choosing the Kingford Reclining Armoire over the Findale His & Hers Matching Bidets?

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      Hi Walrus! I am really happy to hear you received the course. The course probably makes no sense to you at the moment primarily because the course does not actually exist and also because if it did exist, it would have nothing at all to do with this blog whatsoever. There is the possibility that I may determine that my future life calling rests somewhere in between the philosophy of feng shui and the installation of uppity elitist bathroom fixtures and if that does happen I will update the blog with an entry exploring this topic IN DEPTH!, so keep your eyes open!! πŸ™‚ – hope that helps! – Rusty

  • Fileanthropist Reply

    This dialogue is hilariously absurd!
    Starting this blog because we were told it’s good for us doesn’t make it very easy to hang on to it. Just write and don’t ask questions. It’s too soon to know but I bet it won’t be a waste of time for you!
    And a question: how do you manage spams? I had to disable comments it took me too much time to moderate.

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      And thank you very much for the comment πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time, it is really motivating πŸ™‚

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      I haven’t had any spam yet, but I did pay for the site domain, paid to have my personal details hidden (so the website owner appears as BlueHost) and then it recommended installing some add on called Jetpack. Inside Jetpack is an add on called “Askismet” which claims to block spam, but I have not tried to set that up yet, I was going to wait to see if it became a problem before messing around with it. Good luck!

  • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

    Hey Fileanthropist! I think I would always like to have some healthy skepticism in life, but I am not letting it stop me from exploring things like this blog. I am trying to keep adding stuff. I am still doing it and will see it through for at least until i finish the Live your Legend course which will take about 10 weeks minimum. My feelings towards these kinds of activities change more frequently than the weather so I would take any of my perspectives too seriously πŸ™‚ I don’t!

  • fileanthropist Reply

    Hi again! I turned akismet on and things are much better (already 300 spams!) I don’t understand the reason spam comments exist!
    tell my how the course is, I didn’t buy it yet. For now I’ve made a list of things i would like to talk about in my blog and it’s going to take me 100 years to do it. So I started working on my first article on water, it’s going to take a few days.
    About your subscription form, you say you hate marketing; you could maybe just put your subscription form on the side, in a menu, in a separate page (that’s what I did, but only because I wasn’t able to make a pop up)

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      Hey, glad you got the spam sorted. The course is pretty good so far. I’m only in week one though, still trying to make the time to do week 2. they offered a money back guarantee so i figured all i would loose is time. haha I had trouble with the popup as well and then it became an obsession to get it to work. I set up an free account through mailchimp and the n used a plugin called mailmunch i think to add the pop up.

    • russell.eade@gmail.com Reply

      It’s awesome that you have so much to write about! Good luck with the writing. I think they were right about trying to keep it short and build momentum. It’s like lifting weights i think, you don’t want to start off lifting to heavy. Well this approach seems to be working for me, for now! Good luck πŸ™‚

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